Idan Yoav was trained at Patricia Needleman Dance Studio in Jerusalem, Graduated from the

Academy High School for Music and Dance in Jerusalem and studied Multidisciplinary Arts at

the Tel-Aviv University. Reworded as an Outstanding Dancer by the Israeli Ministry of Culture,

amongst 2nd prize at the Mia Arbatova Ballet Competition, Scholarships from the America-

Israel Cultural Foundation for excellence in dance and was a member of DanceWeb program at

the Impulstanz Dance Festival in Vienna, Austria.


Danced at the Batsheva Ensamble, 

Sasha Waltz & Guests, Inbal Pinto & Avshalom Polak Dance Company, Norrdans,

Gallim Dance, Zuhkov Dance Theatre, De De Dance and choreographers Rachel Erdos and

Sebastian Matthias.


Teaches “Movement Research” at Tanzfabrik Berlin, as well was a guest teacher at

Korea National University of Arts, Seoul and at Chung-Ang University, Seoul.





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Polonium (2014) 

Choreography  Idan Yoav

Music  Alva Noto, Ryuichi Sagamoto

Costume Design Idan Yoav

Performed by Idan Yoav

World Premiere 11/04/2014 Ballhaus Ost, Berlin, Germany





The Unfortunates (2012) 

Choreography  Idan Yoav

Music Alva Noto, Barry Manillow, Health, Händel

Art Direction Neta Dror

Costume Design Shira Wise, Idan Yoav

Dramaturgy Michal Buvilski

Preformed by Ori Josephine Lenkinski, Ellah Nagli and Idan Yoav

World Premiere 15/11/2012 Suzanne Dellal Center, Tel-Aviv, Israel
German Premiere 8/11/2013 Theater im Pfalzbau, Ludwigshafen, Germany




Almost Human (2011) 

Choreography Idan Yoav

Music Gal Lev, Florence + the Machine, Matmos, Digitonal

Stage Design Idan Yoav

Costume Design Ray Segev and Idan Yoav

Dramaturgy Jason Denino-Holt

Preformed by Ravid Abarbanel, Eyar Blumberg, Jason Denino-Holt, Nella Krichman, Efrat Levi, Yaara Moses, Ofir Najary, Shi Pratt

World Premiere 08/09/2011 Suzanne Dellal Center, Tel-Aviv, Israel





The Poetry Of Psychoanalysis (2011)

Choreography Idan Yoav

Music Moby, Om Koltom, Devotchka

Stage Design Ray Segev and Idan Yoav

Costume Design Idan Yoav

Preformed by Idan Yoav and Ido Batash

World Premiere  13/01/2011 Ha’teiva Theater, Jaffa, Israel





Ana of You: Cloning in Esthetics (2010)

Choreography Idan Yoav

Music Moshe Ben Moshe, Madonna

Stage Design Idan Yoav

Costume Design Hila Brodie and Idan Yoav

Preformed by Ariel Cohen, Roy Halevy and Idan Yoav

World Premiere 30/07/2010 Tmuna Theater, Tel-Aviv, Israel


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